Tuesday, January 18, 2011


I suppose you could say I...inceived? incepted? (what is the verb form of this word inception??) this whole crazy idea in my childlike anticipation of the Academy Award nomination's release in seven days. I had promised myself that, this year, I would watch all ten of the films nominated for Best Picture, for no valid reason other than the fact that it will make Oscar night a little more meaningful having a connection with every movie that waits on its knees before the Academy to hear if it will go down into history with the other greats or fade away into some dusty DVD collection.

But then I started thinking that if I were going to watch all of this year's Best Picture nominations, I ought to go back and watch last year's as well, for posterity...and if I were venturing back into the great films of 2009, why not go as far back as 2008, or 2007, or 2006....you get the picture. I've found a new project (you could even call it my New Year's Resolution):
I am going to watch every film ever nominated (and chosen, of course) by the Academy in the category of Best Picture by the end of 2011...and lend my ever-so-valuable two cents on each film to anyone who might be bored enough to stumble upon my writing.

As New Year's Resolutions go, mine is not taking me down that usual path of self-improvement or societal betterment (unless you count sharing my opinions on an inordinate amount of movies a contribution to humanity). In fact, it will quite possibly lead me in the other direction, as I will have to sacrifice a lot of my time at the gym, doing homework, and cleaning the house in order to make room in my schedule for the hundreds of movies I have just agreed to view. But in the name of art, these are sacrifices I am willing to make.

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