Friday, February 25, 2011


It's not too often that a movie can come out of nowhere and surprise me, but The Kids Are All Right did just that. Last time I dismissed it as a second-rate story only nominated for its topical content, and expressed little interest in seeing it. However, after reluctantly agreeing to watch it with some friends on Wednesday night, I realized that I needed to say sayonara to my previous prediction of the film.
A family helmed by a faltering lesbian couple endures a shock when their sperm donor suddenly enters their life...and I loved every turbulent minute of their saga. The family drama takes on a new form in this raunchy, touching tale, owing some of its potency to the stirring performances given by Julianne Moore, Mark Ruffalo, and most especially, Annette Benning. Despite their deft efforts, the film's real power lies behind the daring storyline. When a comedy can force you to examine everything you thought you knew about love and family relationships, you know you've struck gold. The homosexual dynamic really makes for an endearing movie.

While Kids really grabbed my attention, Disraeli (1930) put me right to sleep again. An ancient biopic in grainy black and white, the film blandly tells the story of British prime miniter Benjamin Disraeli's acquisition of the Suez Canal...sounds like exciting stuff, right?? Wrong. I felt like I was in history class. Now I'm noy trying to bash a respected classic here or anything...but this one is the equivalent of an Ambien.

Just two more days are left until the Academy Awards...I literally cannot wait any longer. It's going to be a fantastic ceremony and an intense night...for those of us that care too much!

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