Monday, May 2, 2011

One Foot in Heaven

It's been a crazy ride these past few days, and some absolutely amazing things have happened. I honestly feel like I've had one foot in heaven this weekend--the awesome just keeps rolling in. Never mind that I have an exam in T-minus four hours...I think pop culture holds its rightful place in my life.

First up: let's take a hit of Pot. I'm talking about Harry Potter-- or more specifically, the recently released Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 trailer that has everyone buzzing. I'm guessing that most everyone has seen it, but on the off chance that you haven't, update yourself right here:

If that doesn't get you pumped for the summer premiere of one of the most epic series conclusions of all time....then you don't have a soul. Seriously-if you're not on the HP bandwagon yet, get on it. There's still time. But you do not want to miss out on the magic of this last installment (get it?? magic??). For once, the hype is right (can't say the same for Twilight, though).

Secondly, I have to touch on the Royal Wedding. I was beyond stoked for "the social event of the decade" because, in the words of Jon Stewart, "Prince William is marrying a muggle" (see that awesome HP segway there? I am hilarious)! I'm slightly ashamed to admit that I refused sleep all of Thursday night and instead had myself a very regal celebration: first, I caught the last half hour of The Queen (2006), which I'd seen before in theatres (but more on that later), then I cracked open my newly-purchased copy of The King's Speech (2010), and finally I flipped over to BBC's live coverage of the main event. Yes, I had quite the busy night (so busy I just had to skip school the next day...). Kate's dress was amazing, and the whole event was enough to convince me that fairy tales really do exist...I'm now actually hoping to marry the remaining prince-the ginger one-and move into Buckingham palace with the royal fam. Fingers crossed.
(Side note: The King's Speech gets better and better every time I see's really grown on me. It was especially exciting to watch it Thursday knowing that it's the story of Prince William's great-grandfather...and that it concluded on the same balcony that saw the end of the public portion of Will and Kate's perfect royal ceremony).

Next, I feel like I just have to throw in a mention of the Bin Laden capture because it's so epic and historical. And it happened just before I was about to pop in tonight's movie so I got delayed a couple hours due to intense news watch-age. Totally worth it. Go Team America.

Finally, we arrive at tonight's movie--and a major milestone in the BPC!! After conquering Babel (2006), I have officially completed my first entire year on this list...that is, I have seen every film nominated for Best Picture in 2006. Congratulations, me, it's about time I knocked out one of these!
Babel tried very hard to get somewhere special, but it set out in so many different directions that it ended up mostly just jogging in place. I get that it was trying to be an edgy, shocking exploration of the limitations of language and the buried similarities of the human experience all over the world-- and to a certain degree, it succeeds in this endeavor--but for the most part it's just dizzying, dramatic, and dripping with sadness. Still, the Moroccan scenery was breathtaking and certain players, like Brad Pitt, for example, managed to shine through the structural fog.

2006 was a pretty solid year for movies, if you ask me. With Babel bringing up the rear and Little Miss Sunshine sliding in at fourth place (I loved this charming little comedy but it can't hold a candle to the remaining three), the year's winner is tough to determine. I hated The Queen when I saw it (twice) in theatres five years ago- but I was 13 then, and this one is a little too grown-up to be appreciated by a seventh grader. Now, I'm absolutely fascinated by this picture and I'd love to give the whole thing another careful watch (since I only caught the end last week). Obviously Letters from Iwo Jima sucked me's certainly one of the best war movies of recent years. Still, I have to side with The Academy when I choose my winner for 2006: The Departed.

The Scorsese was sizzlin, the DiCaprio was dazzlin- and that Flogging Molly track was indescribably perfect. This is one of those movies you just can't stop thinking about even months after you've watched it- one whose twists and turns keep you reeling long after you've put the DVD back to bed. Love it.

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