Thursday, April 14, 2011

Coming Home

It's been a painfully long time since I wrote anything and I literally have nothing to show for it. Senior year in high school is a pretty busy time and especially now, in mid-April coming in hot off my spring break and a freight train of year-ending tests and projects, life is getting rough with me. I have definitely fallen off the wagon somewhat with my list and it's pretty much guaranteed that I won't be finishing by the end of 2011; however, that doesn't mean I'm going to stop trying. The fact that I'm choosing to persevere in an unnecessary film challenge and not in my mandatory school work troubles me a little bit, but luckily, not enough to get me to stop.

Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf? (1966) brought me back on track for my challenge...and I'm not too sure if I really liked it enough to count it among my favorites. Although it made history by being nominated for every Academy Award category in which it was eligible (the only film ever to do so), it just didn't strike a chord with me. Perhaps that's because I'm too young and unseasoned to be affected by its thoroughly adult material...or perhaps it's just a slightly disturbing study of dialogue that holds little merit for the mainstream viewer. Either way, I can't say I was blown out of the water.

This was Elizabeth Taylor like I'd never seen her before. She was a whirlwind force on a warpath in this film, and though I didn't enjoy her character or the story itself, I couldn't help but be impressed by her performance. Taylor's turn as the boisterous, toxic drunk Martha was a far cry from the glamorous typecast I usually associate with the actress, revealing a depth to her range I couldn't have predicted. Put her up on the screen with real-life flame Richard Burton, and you've got an acting ensemble more raw and emotionally-charged than most any you can find on film.

This poster was released several weeks ago, so I'm quite late in joining in the global excitement over this, but I figured I'd blow my horn anyway and sound the alarm. "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part II" is scheduled to hit the theatres July 15, and no one could be more excited than I am. These movies constitute one of the most celebrated franchises of all time,and they have united the world's youth in unprecedented ways. Seriously, Harry Potter is bigger than you might think.

The anticipation over the final installment in the series is more intense than I've ever witnessed for any movie (though I'm still only a teenager so in reality I have little to compare it to). It's almost not necessary for the film to be good...all it has to do is exist, and it will pretty much rape the box office this summer. Rabid Potter-heads will be pitching tents on the streets for weeks leading up to this fateful date in July, and purchasing tickets could potentially turn into a bloodbath if addicted muggles can't get their hands on some. All this activity will make for a pretty interesting start to our stay tuned.

In other, related Harry Potter news, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part I" will be released on DVD on Friday....very exciting. I thought this was one of the most well-done films so far in the series, building to what is sure to be an explosive finale with some tight, mature drama. What's more, a commercial informed me today that a whole scene from Part II will be on the DVD to reel hooked fans like me in a little closer. Good call, Hollywood- I'm basically going to sprint to the store on Friday to get my copy. (Just typing that sentence made me feel less cool.)

Coming home to this blog makes me a little sad to realize I've bitten off more than I can chew here. But while I have resigned myself to the fact that this list will take more time than what just one year has to give, I refuse to give up on conquering the Best Pictures. However long it takes me, they will get watched...and after that, I think I'll have a little bit more credibility when I talk about movies.

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